Dragon and Tiger (Medical) Qigong

Wednesdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm         £6

 Qi or Chi refers to the essential life-force energy inherent in you and all living things. Gong or Gung means to practice, cultivate, develop. Qigong (usually pronounced chee gong) is gentle exercise that seeks to bring body, mind and spirit into a stable and balanced state of vibrant health.

Dragon and Tiger is a 1500 year old qigong system consisting of seven movements that are repeated up to 20 times each and work with the main acupuncture meridians. It can be called a medical qigong because of the track record of the positive impact on health it has had for many people in China and a growing number of people in the west.

With practice, you can gain improvements by degrees in;

  • Balance (physical and energetic) – Mobility and body awareness
  • Circulation – Energy awareness and flow
  • Ability to relax – Capacity for healing

About the teacher

Chad Roberts has experience in tai chi and qigong going back over 20 years. The last 12 years have involved much more focused practice and training and he holds teaching qualifications in tai chi and two qigong systems, one of which is dragon and tiger.

“The possibilities of chi and awareness that this system utilises continues to be a source of fascination to me, and though I qualified to teach in 2008, my training is ongoing in the interest of accessing the many layers of internal content available. On a basic level, even before you learn some of the deeper internal content, dragon and tiger is an effective qiqong set that can condition the body and erode tension in the body and mind.”

For more information contact: Chad – 07971 160772



Dragon and Tiger (Medical) Qigong – now at the clinic!


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