Eileen – our Acupuncturist has been waiting on confirmation from her governing body for guidance to work through lockdown.

BAcC Phase 3: Urgent Care and High Needs
It is down to individual professional judgement who fits into the category of Urgent Care and High Needs. This can depend on whether the patient is likely to require further medication or see a GP if they were not treated until after the lockdown. A consideration could also be whether their treatment is time dependant such as in IVF cases. Cosmetic or purely wellbeing treatments must stop, however anything affecting mental health and the maintenance of chronic pain etc should be seen as high needs.  It is important to factor increased risk as a result of the new strain when completing risk assessments and making the decision to treat patients. 

You can contact Eileen 01273 205825 or 07940836460 for further information or to book an appointment.
Email: elawless7@hotmail.co.uk
Acupuncture appointments available from 13th January 2021


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