Pilates at the Seaford Osteopathic Clinic

We offer classes for people of all ages and fitness levels in our bright, warm and intimate studio, taught all year round by teachers with experience and expertise.

If you are looking to improve your posture, core stability and strength, to manage chronic pain, exercise safely with a musculoskeletal condition, rehabilitate an injury, learn how to relax, or push yourself with invigorating body conditioning workouts – we have a class to suit you.

Our classes offer an exciting and inclusive range from gentle to dynamic Pilates, Yoga, Back Care, Pelvic Floor Restore, Reformer, equipment and chair-based exercise and Meditation. Working with you, wherever you are starting from, we can help you to feel stronger, more flexible, balanced, more resilient and in control. We believe that everybody and anybody can gain health, fitness and well-being benefits from a mind-body approach to movement.

More than just forms of exercise, Pilates and yoga nurture the whole self with an awareness of movement to tune and align the body and mind. Working with principles of concentration, centring, control, breath, precision and flow stimulates cognitive faculties for attention, motivation, memory and learning. A regular class can help you to feel physically and mentally stronger. Joseph Pilates called a book about his technique nothing less than a ‘Return to Life’ – once you make Pilates and/or yoga part of your weekly routine – your brain, your mind and your body will thank you! And we look forward to welcome you.

PILATES STUDIO TEACHERS at Seaford Osteopathic Clinic, Seaford

Karen Hall teaches movement and mind/body work as a Yoga, Pilates mat work and studio equipment teacher, and a certified specialist in Exercise for Back Care. My teaching has evolved through over 35 years of experience working in the fields of dance, performance and bodywork, the last 9 years in clinical setting. I am interested in the journey of the body through movement from somatic and restorative approaches that facilitate a sense of listening to the body, letting go excess tension and finding pain-free pathways, to finding inner core strength, and working with creative and dynamic challenge. Movement has the power to transform how we feel, to release held patterns, enable renewal and the possibility for change. I teach a wide variety of groups, that draw on diverse movement practices, my teaching is person-centred, focused and responsive to needs, aspirations and individual potential.

To discuss your personal programme needs contact Karen: Tel 07944 785520 / Email: karenmoves@gmail.com

Bookings currently available on: Mondays 9am – 1pm and Tuesdays 2-6pm

4 (1hr) sessions £199 / Ongoing 1:1 session from £50 (2:1 £70). Personalised take home practice plan from £50.




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