Jane Board a valued member of our team.

Jane is a qualified nurse, and holder of an MSc (Distinction) who has 26 years` experience in providing comprehensive assessment and treatment(s) for all forms of chronic swelling e.g. lymphoedema, chronic oedema.  More recently, she has treated swelling occurring from liposuction procedures.  Between 1997 – 2010, Jane developed 8 lymphoedema services in the south east of England on behalf of the NHS and / or hospices.  Since 2011, she has practiced independently as a Director of Lymphoedema Specialist Services Ltd.  She has published over ten articles surrounding lymphoedema, is an Expert Witness and a Trustee of The British Lymphology Society, the national charity supporting healthcare professionals through lymphoedema education.  Her current clinical focus is the prevention of lymphoedema, where people deemed to be at risk of developing the condition are screened and provided with treatment and advice accordingly

Phone Jane for more information and appointments: 07786725363

Or email: jane.board@lymphoedemaspecialist.co.uk


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